Nike's grandmother

Tohara (トハラ Tohara) is the grandmother of Nike and is usually to referred to as "grandmother" by everyone else in the story. She is also the matriarchal head of Rain Dukedom, as well as Nike's mentor.


She helped raise Nike and Kitra when they were children, and she rigorously trained Nike how to make rain fall with her own songs, as Nike initially could not since she wasn't born with the gift like her older sisters. When she learned that Nike was sent to the Sun Kingdom by Teteru, she scolded him, and later pretends to be sick so that Nike will return to Rain Dukedom. During that time, she planned to prevent Nike from ever leaving Rain Dukedom again with Kitra's help.


Nike's grandmother is stern and harsh. Although the people of Rain Dukedom respect her, they also fear her because of what she can do to them. According to Kara when she helped Livius escape from the Rain Dukedom's guards, her grandmother would punish her and anyone who went against her. She would also ease their memories if they weren't happy with their lives in Rain Dukedom. This included her own granddaughters because she wanted to protect them from the outside world.

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