Nike Lemercier



Japanese ニケ・ルメルシエ
English Nike Lemercier
Biological Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown Strawberry
Eye Color Green
Professional Status
Affiliation Rain Dukedom

Sun Kingdom

Occupation Princess (Rain Dukedom)

Future Queen Consort (Sun Kingdom)

Personal Information
Spouse(s) Livius (Husband)
Relatives Mira (First Older Sister)
Nia (Second Older Sister)
Kara (Third Older Sister)
Iraha (Mother)
Teteru (Father)
Tohara (Maternal Grandmother)
Kitora (Cousin)
Aki (First cousin once removed)
Voiced by Maeda Rena

Nike Lemercier (ニケ・ルメルシエ Nike Rumerushie) is the main protagonist of the story. She is the youngest princess of the Rain Duchy, the queen of the Sun Kingdom, and Livius' fiancee.


Early life

Nike is the youngest princess of the four princesses of the Rain Dukedom. As a child Nike, had difficulties summoning the rain and the wind, so she was often sad but never gave up on learning. As she grew up and trained, she always took the harder path and hurt herself. Even then she never gave up. When Nike's cousin, Kitora, asks why she doesn't just give up, their grandmother replies, "It would hurt her more." She is clearly the most beloved of the four princesses to her grandmother. She is also considered to be the best and most talented of the summoners.


In exchange for autonomy, one of the four princesses of the Rain Dukedom was sent to the Sun Kingdom to marry the Sun King. The youngest princess, Nike, was sent after she lost in a game of rock-paper-scissors against her older sisters. Despite her first impression of Livi and the conflicts between them, Nike gradually comes to love and care for the young Sun King.


Optimistic, understanding, and stubborn, but caring. Nike quickly gains the people's affection as well as Livius, who clearly loves her. She is said to be more popular than Livius among the people in the Sun Kingdom as she seems to interact with them on a regular basis and helps them out whenever she can.

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