No, that's not it. What I you.

—Volume 015 , Chapter 083

Nephero Styx Lethe is the monarch of the Grand Sky Duchy and is also known as the "Crimson-Haired Grand Duke."

Appearance Edit

Nephero's most striking feature is his dark crimson hair which has earned a place in his epithet. He wears a single tube-style weave earring.

Personality Edit

From his current appearances, Nephero seems to have a self-indulgent, childish character, showing when he becomes excited at being chased by Livius for kidnapping Nike.

He also seems to find attached and taken women more alluring than single women. He is noted to be "creepy," by more than one of his subordinates.

Nephero can also be observant, ambitious and unafraid at taking risks to achieve his goals.