Neil manga

Neil as seen in the manga.

Neil is Livius's butler. He provide several important information to Nike in the beginning of the story. He often accompany Livius during his travels.

Neil (Seiyuu:Tomokazu Sugita)Edit

Neil is Livius's butler. He seem to understand Livius and he cares about him a great deal. He often serve as Nike's tutor.



Neil in Anime

He's caring and appears as a father figure almost, to Livius. He also cares about Nike and trust her considering he told her about Livius's past. Neil is also very loyal, considering that Livius allows him to stay near him and accompany him to other places. Neil often appears in the manga usually looking for Livius or accompanying him and sometimes Nike to foreign countries.

As shown in several episodes, Neil is also strict to traditions.

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