The things that happened a long time ago and the things that happened before I met you ... I want to forget about them.

Livius Orvinus Ifrikia, also known as Livius the First - is the deuteragonist of the story and Emperor of the Sun Kingdom, thus being Nike's husband.

Appearance Edit

Livius has dark blue hair that reaches the nape of his neck and blue eyes. Nike notes that while Livius is only a child, his eyes are like those of an adult.

Personality Edit

When he was young he was like other kids; innocent and curious. However, after his mother's death, Livius grew cold, cruel and became distrustful of everyone around him. Neil noted that it's because he doesn't know how to reach out to people because his enemies are the only ones who surround him and because his mother was also from the lower class, both he and his mother lived an isolated life in the palace and by supporting each other, they were able to live quietly. After his mother's death, Livius began to flourish until the world was conquered. It seemed that Livius conquered the world as a diversion to cover up his damaged heart.

As the story progress, Nike's presence and efforts to help the young King slowly begin to change him, learning to slowly start becoming more relaxed and lively. Later on, Livius shows that he still harbours a much colder and crueller and if not an extremely possessive side, not bothering to hide his bloodlust while furious.

History Edit

Livius is the current Emperor of the Sun Empire, having conquered and added the entire world under his domain only three years after his coronation, being thirteen at the start of the story.

His father, the former King had married not only a commoner but a foreigner deriving a great hatred from the upper and ruling class towards Livius and Sheila to the point where they had to live in an isolated area of the royal palace.

In a joint attempt to assassinate both him and his mother as a small child; his mother having died in this attempt; Livius survives and in his motivated rage he decided to become a candidate for rulership.

He would gain his wish and become an incredibly young, though talented and cruel king and in an amazing feat and show of ability, cleared his own country of corruption, bringing stability and then conquered the entire world...just to keep himself and his trauma busy. The last nation he would conquer would be the Rain Kingdom, bringing it under his control and demoting it to a duchy while marrying their youngest Princess.

Livius's Age Edit


A heated topic within the fandom, with multiple answers. Although the majority opinion is that Livius is 12-13, such a fact is incorrect and based off a discrepancy in the manga raws of chapter 40. In the officially translated manga, Livius is actually not far apart from Nike in age, however, he appears much younger due to his height which is in turn due to his lack of sleep, overworking and other emotional and mental issues.

Again, in the official manga, Livius is actually 15 years of age.


  • He prefers to sleep naked, Nike being the only one to see his whole nude body.
  • He did not want to be King until after his mother had been assassinated.
  • He uses medicine every single night to sleep and to prevent from being poisoned after his mother was assassinated, which Neil explained takes a terrible toll on Livi's body. He used the medicine, up until he had Nike, but he does not take the medicine anymore.

Quotes Edit

  • "Since I've begun conquering the world, I've grown bored with no one to oppose me. Will you amuse me?" 《 Chapter 001 》
  • "In order to live, I must mow down my enemies. Thus my world is different from hers." 《 Chapter 001 》