The things that happened a long time ago and the things that happened before I met you ... I want to forget about them.

Livius Orvinus Ifrikia, also known as Livius the First, is the deuteragonist of the story, King of the Sun Kingdom, as well Nike's fiance.

Appearance Edit

Livius has dark blue hair, that reaches the nape of his neck and blue eyes.

It has been observed by Nike, that while Livius is only a child, his eyes are like those of an adult.

Personality Edit

When he was young he was like other kids; innocent and curious. However, after his mother's death, Livius grew cold, cruel and became distrustful of everyone around him. Neil noted that it's because he doesn't know how to reach out to people because his enemies are the only ones who surround him and because his mother was also from the lower class, both he and his mother lived an isolated life in the palace and by supporting each other, they were able to live quietly. After his mother's death, Livius began to flourish until the world was conquered. It seemed that Livius conquered the world as a diversion to cover up his damaged heart.

As the story progress, Nike's presence and efforts to help the young King slowly begin to change him, learning to slowly start becoming more relaxed and lively. Later on, Livius shows that he still harbours a much colder and crueller and if not an extremely possessive side, not bothering to hide his bloodlust while furious.

History Edit

Livius is the current King of the Sun Kingdom. He conquered the world in three years after his coronation. While it was widely rumored that he was a monster of some kind, he was actually a 15 year old boy (12 in the anime).

His father was the former King of the Sun Kingdom and his mother a commoner. When his mother was still alive, the two of them had an isolated life in the castle because they were of low social status. After the death of his mother, Livius became both King and had his personality become cold, cruel and distrustful of everyone around him, beginning to conquer the lands around him to hide his broken self until he came to conquer the entire world.

The story began when he granted autonomy to the Rain Kingdom, but in return, told them to send a princess. Nike, having lost a round of rock, paper, scissors with her sisters was sent.

Relationships Edit

Nike Edit

Nike's first impression on Livius was not a good one. When Livius was revealed as a child, she proceeded to call him a brat and he pricked her cheeks when he ordered her to call the rain for him. As the series progress, Nike saved Livius' life on several occasion, such as taking an arrow for him and putting out the fire that started in his room by making it rain with her song. After some time, Livius began to open up to her. Livius can be defensive when people threaten or try to harm Nike. For example, although Nike stopped Livius from almost killing a man who attacked her, he didn't hesitate to raise his sword against him. When Livius briefly returned to his cold, and cruel demeanor, as well as being extremely paranoid, he threatened Nike that although he won't kill her, should she ever leave him or run away, he would kill everyone including her family (Chapter 46). Despite all of this, it is clear that he loves her very much, which can be seen when he risked himself to find an antidote for the poison that Nike had been infected with. He is also dependent on her, in a way, because it has been stated by him on several occasions that he is unwilling to live if Nike were not in his life. He loves her so much to the point of obsession.

Bardouin Edit

Bardouin is Livius half-uncle and his father's younger half-brother. Although, he worked together with Livius to conquer the world, he eventually left on a journey because he became afraid of how cold and cruel Livius had become. However, Livius saw this as an act of betrayal, which caused their relationship to become estranged. Bardouin later returns to the Sun Kingdom after Livius married Nike. However, due to a misunderstanding with Nike, Livius has Bardouin arrested and confines Nike to her room. However, Bardouin was just testing Nike to see whether or not she was the right person for Livius. Whereas most women would fall for him, Nike did not. With Nike's help, Bardouin is able to mend his relationship with his nephew when she traps them in the garden's greenhouse by forcefully making it rain heavily for over an hour so that the two of them can talk to each other truthfully. Additionally, Livius allowed Bardouin to return to his former job as prime minister.

Neil Edit

Neil and Livius' relationship is a servant to a master. Neil is loyal to Livius and obeys his every order. He takes care of Livius and worries about Livius' health. He approves of Livius and Nike's relationship. When Nike points out that Livius has grown, since it was not him who realized, Neil immediately becomes quite flustered and begins apologising as if it was his fault.

Luna Edit

Luna is a childhood friend of Livius. She fancied him when they were kids and proposed the idea of marriage to him when they were young. When Livius explained that he does not care for being in a higher rank and wish to live a quiet life, she was very disappointed. When Livius became king, Luna comes to him again but is shocked of how Livius has changed. She became fearful of him and does not meet with him again until after 3 years, when Livius wedded Nike. She first tries to bully Nike and continues to taunt her. She doesn't believe that Nike deserves him until she sees Livius smiling when Nike dances with him. Flashbacks revealed that Luna used to be close to Livius when they were children as she was the only one who approach him. When she heard that Livius was going to get married, she did not mind accepting Nike as a concubine. The two later settle this with a challenge: whoever wins the horse race would get to be with Livius. When the two start the horse race, Luna comments on how fast and well-handled Nike is with the horse. Luna then states how she is more fit to be Livius' bride, as she has proper manners and can feel Livius' pain. However, Nike tells her that she loves everything about Livius, even his weaknesses, which causes Luna to give up and stumble. Remarking that this girl could love everything about him makes her feel defeated.


Sheila is Livius' mother who was assassinated years prior to the first chapter, when he was only 12 years old(9 in the anime). Due to being from an ethnic minority, Sheila and consequently Livius were looked down upon by the "Church" (also referred to as the "Order"). Sheila and Livius were completely isolated inside the castle during Livius' upbringing. After Sheila's assassination, Livius instantly became King as to take over the whole as a way for him to divert his attention and thoughts. Livius often dreams and thinks of Sheila (even noting that Nike's mother was not quite as beautiful as her) and speaks very highly of her.


  • He prefers to sleep naked, Nike being the only one to see his whole nude body.
  • He was engaged previously to Ursula (arranged unwillingly) for political purposes.
  • Flowers, wind, and nature in general, remind him of Nike.
  • He did not want to be King until after his mother had been assassinated.
  • He uses medicine every single night to sleep and to prevent from being poisoned after his mother was assassinated, which Neil explained takes a terrible toll on Livi's body. He used the medicine, up until he had Nike, but he does not take the medicine anymore.