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Livius I
Full name: Livius Orvinus Ifriqiyah
Nicknames: Livi, Kid (Chibi)
Kanji: リヴィウス・オルヴィヌス・イフリキア
Romaji: Riviusu Oruvinusu Ifurikia (Riviusu-Issei)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Present 12 years old (in anime has 11 years old)
Known Relatives: Bardouin (Uncle)
Nike (wife)
Occupation: King
Allegiance: Sun Kingdom
Voiced by: Kudou Haruka (child)
Shimazaki Nobunaga

Livius Orvinus Ifrikia (Livius I / Livius the first) also known as Livi, is the current king of the Sun Kingdom.

Livius I

Livius Ornivus Ifriqiyah Edit

Livius is the current king of the Sun Kingdom. He conquered the world with in three years after his enthronement. While he is rumored to be a monster of some sort, he is actually a young boy. His father was the former king and his mother was a commoner. When his mother was still alive, he and her lived an isolated life in the castle because of his mother's low social status. After his mother's death, Livius grew cold and cruel and became distrustful of everyone around him, and began to conquer the lands until the whole world was conquered. His abilities as king are considerable as he cleansed his kingdom's government of corruption and he suppressed each opposing nation one by one. It's been noted by Nike, that while Livius is just a boy, his eyes are like that of an adult. He has a loyal butler who seems to understand him. He granted the Rain Dukedom autonomy, but in exchange, he told them to send a princess. Nike,after having lost a round of rock, paper, scissors to her sisters was sent to the Sun Kingdom. He is fond of Nike and grows to love her as time goes on.


Livius I - Episode 2

Livius I

When he was young he was like other kids; innocent and curious. However, after his mother's death, Livius grew cold, cruel and became distrustful of everyone around him. Neil noted that it's because he doesn't know how to reach out to people because his enemies are the only ones who surround him and because his mother was also from the lower class, both he and his mother lived an isolated life in the palace and by supporting each other, they were able to live quietly. After his mother's death, Livius began to flourish until the world was conquered. It seemed that Livius conquered the world as a diversion to cover up his damage heart.

As the story progress, Nike's presence and efforts to help the young King slowly begin to change him. On several occasions in the series, Livius can be very childish. Later on, Livius reveals that he still harbors a much colder and crueler and if not an extremely jealous side. He imprisoned his uncle Bardouin and confined Nike to her room because he thought that Bardouin had seduced Nike and that she had fallen for Bardouin. He even threatened to burn her home kingdom to ashes, when Nike talked against him for sending Bardouin to prison.


Nike's first impression on Livius was not a good one. When Livius was revealed as a child, she proceeded to call him a brat and pinched his cheeks when he ordered her to call the rain for him. As the series progress, Nike saved Livius' life by putting out the fire that started in his room. After some time, Livius opens up to her.

Livius can be very protective and violent when people threaten or try to harm Nike. Although Nike stopped Livius from almost killing a man who attacked her, he didn't hesitate to raise his sword against him.

Neil and Livius' relationship is a master to a servant. Neil is loyal to Livius and obeys his every order. He takes care of Livius and worries about Livius' health. He approves of Livius and Nike's relationship.

Luna is a childhood friend of Livius and also the princess of the Sea kingdom. She fancied him when they were kids and proposed the idea of marriage to him when they were young. When Livius explains that he does not care for being in a higher rantk and wish to live a quiet life, she is heavily dissapointed. After 3 years, Luna comes to him again but is shocked at the changes of Livius. She is scared of him and doesn't meet with him again until after Livius meets Nike. She first tries to bully Nike and continues to taunt her. She doesn't believe that Nike loves him until she saw Livus smiling when Nike dances with him.


  • He was 11 years old at the start of the series.
  • At chapter 40, he became 12 years old. ( This was also revealed by Shiina Dai )
  • He sleeps naked.


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