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Kitora (キトラ, Kitora in the original Japanese version) was Nike's cousin. He was raised alongside Nike by their grandmother Tohara after his parents died. When they were both young, Nike and Kitora were somewhat regarded as deviants in the royal family because neither of them could make rain fall. According to Teteru, he adored Nike because she never gave in, not even once, during their rigorous training to make rain fall under her great grandmother.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Kitora is a pale boy about the same height as Nike. He also has black hair that is lighter than Livius's that reaches his shoulder. He usually has a frown on his face, but smiles around Nike.

Kitora doesn't appear to socialize with anyone beyond Nike, their grandmother, and Livius, the latter of whom actually went to talk to him first. He is also very protective of Nike to the point of agreeing to assist Nike's grandmother in erasing Livius's memories of Nike. He both respects and adores Nike, and detests Livius for taking her away from Rain Dukedom. He hoped to get rid of Livius, and prevent Nike from ever leaving Rain Dukedom again.

Relationships Edit

Nike Edit

Kitra is Nike's cousin, who was raised with her when his parents died. Despite Nike liking him as a friend and family member, Kitra has romantic feelings for her as he loved for more than 10 years, but has never acted on his feelings. However, that love is one-sided as Nike loves Livius.

Livius Edit

At first, Kitra hated Livius for taking Nike away from Rain Dukedom, however when he realize how much Nike loved Livius he comes to accept their marriage. Although he comes to tolerate Livius, he warns Livius that if he ever makes Nike cry he will not hesitate to kill him.

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