Kara Lemercier is the second youngest princess of Rain Dukedom. Like Nike, Kara isn't afraid to break the law if it means doing what she believes to be right.

In the latest chapter, which hasn't been translated to English yet, Kara seal Nike's power when it went wild. Although Nike's power became more stable after Kara's aid. Nike enters a comatose state, and Livius is informed that Nike only has half a month to live if he doesn't find a cure soon. This leads Livius to go on a journey to find the witch Cassandra, who is apparently powerful enough to cure Nike's condition. In the meantime, Kara decided to stay in the Sun Kingdom to care for Nike.

Kara Remercier (Seiyuu:Ai Kayano)Edit

When Kara first meets the Sun King, Livius, she was supposed to wait for him, however, she got distract by the pretty scenery and decide to take a walk, which was why she was late to meet and greet him when he and Neil arrived at the harbor. At the banquet for the Sun King, Livius, Kara sings the song "It's Raining Today in Rain Dukedom." Later on, Kara helps Livius escape when he is being chase by the Rain Dukemon guards as she doesn't agree with her grandmother plans to erase all of his memories of Nike. She appears more often in the manga than her other sisters.


Like her younger sister, Kara is brave and independent. She isn't afraid to act on what she believes when others are. This trait is especially noticeable when she helps Livius escape the Rain Dukedom guards sent by Aki, even through she would be beaten if they found out, and telling him where Nike is located after her grandmother and Kitra went through the trouble to hide her from him. Through she seems a bit aloof, Kara is very observant at times and helps out when the situation calls for it.



  • Nike is Kara's youngest sister. She seems to get along with her as she does with her other two sisters. Unlike her two older sisters however, Kara helps Nike mostly First, by helping her husband escape from the Rain Dukedom guards, and later by sealing her powers when it became out of control. She is currently taking care of Nike in the Sun Kingdom while Livius goes on a journey to find the powerful witch Cassandra who may be able to cure Nike's illness.