Iraha Lemercier

Queen Iraha


Japanese イラハ・ルメルシエ
English Iraha Lemercier
Biological Information
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Professional Status
Affiliation Rain Dukedom
Occupation Duchess Consort
Personal Information
Spouse(s) Teteru (Husband)
Relatives Tohara (Mother)
Mira (First Daughter)
Nia (Second Daughter)
Kara (Third Daughter)
Nike (Fourth Daughter)
Kitora (Nephew)
Aki (Cousin)

Iraha (イラハ Iraha) is the Duchess Consort of Rain Dukedom, daughter of the former Duchess Reagent Tohara and the mother of the four princesses. She is constantly protected and care for by her guards due to her poor health and weak body caused by giving birth to her most powerful daughter Nike. Although she accepts Livius as her son-in-law, she is afraid that her daughter, Nike would be taken advantage by the Kingdoms due to her power, which can cause insurmountable damage and obliterate countries with a single song. However, Livius reassures her that he would protect Nike forever. When Livius first met Iraha, he notes that she is beautiful but still cannot compared to his own mother Sheila.

Iraha met Teteru at the age of 20 and decided to marry him immediately after falling love with him, but her mother, the Duchess Tohara disapproves while Teteru married into Lemercier family eventually.