Queen Iraha
Full name: Iraha
Nicknames: Queen
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Green
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Teteru (Husband)
Nike (Daughter)
Kara (Daughter)
Nia (Daughter)
Mira (Daughter)

Occupation: Queen
Allegiance: Rain Dukedom

Iraha (イラハ Iraha) is the Queen of Rain Dukedom and she is the mother of the four princesses of Rain Dukedom. She is constantly protected and care for by her guards due to her poor health and weak body. She loves her daughters very much, and although she accepts Livius as her son-in-law, she is afraid that her daughter, Nike would be taken advantage of in the Sun Kingdom due to her power, which can cause insurmountable damage and obliterate countries with a single song. However, Livius reassures her that he would protect Nike forever. When Livius first met Iraha, he notes that she is beautiful.

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