Amaluna Luirasalle



Japanese アマルナ・ルイラサエル
English Amaluna Luirasalle
Alias Luna
Biological Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Age 10
Hair Color Gold
Eye Color Emerald
Professional Status
Affiliation Sea Kingdom
Occupation Princess
Personal Information
Relatives Memphis (Older brother)
Thebes (Older brother)
Voiced by Yuki Matsuoka

The first princess of the Sea Kingdom, actually the only daughter of the King and Queen and the younger sister of two princes. She is the childhood friend of Livius and has been in love with him ever since they were young.


Amaluna Luirasalle, simply called Luna, is the princess of the Sea Kingdom. Luna and Livius have been very close friends since they were young. She claims to be Livius's fiancee, though Livius objects and states that he has never consented even once and that it was her parents who decided. Princess Luna is very much in love with Livius and loathes Princess Nike because he loves her even though she knew him first. Luna eventually returns to her kingdom, having realized, that while she loved Livius first, Nike reached out to him and accepted him while she distanced herself from Livius because she was scared of the changes that overcame him during the three years. She is engaged with an adult, Claude the Fortis Duke.


Stubborn and loud mouthed, she refused to return to her country in an attempt to win Livius over. Luna is very childish and lady-like to some extent. She constantly snubs Nike for having unlady-like manner, not being able to recite poems and not being able to play an instrument. She also embarrassed her for not being able to dance. By the end of the chapter, Luna grows to respect Nike to some extent after Nike saved her from falling off the a cliff. She's also an exceptional horseback rider. Luna is also very self sufficient and loyal. She also is viewed as a tsundere and prideful. 

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